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Jet City Beignet is owned and operated by local Seattle couple Greg and Tiffany. 

Greg hails from San Diego, CA and moved to Finland in 2015.  Tiffany is from Salt Lake City, UT and moved to Seattle in 2000. 

While Greg was living in Finland he came to Seattle for work and ended up staying a block away from Tiffany.  They met on a West Seattle stairway and fell in love almost immediately. 

They were married 6 weeks later. 

With their sights set on a new future together, they talked about the possibility of opening their own business.  It soon became obvious that the universe was nudging them through another door together.

One night, a conversation turned to their mutual love for New Orleans and its food culture, and...beignets.  In the spirit of seizing opportunity and following their hearts, they combined Greg’s love of travel (and an idea for a  secret ingredient he picked up in Finland) with Tiffany’s science background

and love of baking.  They experimented with many flavors and ingredients not found

in traditional beignets.


After several months and eating LOTS of beignets, they landed on exactly the taste they were looking for.

Born out of love and inspired by fate, they can't wait to share them with you.



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